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you’re a lifelong bookworm or someone who’s just starting to explore the enchanting realm of books, I welcome you to join us in our literary adventures. Let’s embrace the power of stories and connect with others who love reading as much as we do!

Who We Are?

At Books and Banter, I strive to foster a global community of readers. No matter where you are in the world, I want to connect with you through our shared love for books. Whether it’s engaging in spirited discussions about our favorite novels, or sharing insightful reviews about new releases, my mission is to bridge ideological and geological gaps and bring us all a little closer through the universal language of literature.

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I'm Alyssa Johnson

Artist & Blogger

A passionate book lover, avid reader, and your trusted guide in the world of literature. The intricate interplay of characters, the complex narrative arcs, and the whisper of poetic prose make me feel most alive. My blog is an invitation to embark on these literary journeys with me, to uncover the stories that make us who we are, and to share in the magic of storytelling.




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